Friday, 30 March 2012

Yasmin Growing Habit

Yasmin is really known as a very active girl with a very small appetite on food and sleep. Tidur siang tak sampai 20 minit. Petang kadang-kadang tidur, kadang-kadang tak.. Malam pula asyik2 bangun untuk menyusu.

She is allergic to cow milk, so, hundred percent breastfeed.. Nasi? Hm, karang cakap kang, kata berlagak pulak.. :P hahah Anak mat saleh ni ada payah sikit dengan nasi.

Dulu masa baby, when her taste buds, brain and attitude were not yet intact to show some protest, senaaaaang sangat nak bagi makan. Nasi in the morning with fruits, nasi in the evening with greens and protein.. But, until just a week ago, before i had to stay in hospital for 2 nights and kept away from breastfed her for a week, food was always the least of things to include in her daily activity.
It was like cute hands war on spoon every meal!

But now??

Her hands are much faster to ask food than the mouth yang mengunyah ..

And her hands now are always occupy with chips, bun, or fruits, or anything can be eaten, 24-7 well, not really 24-7 but as long as she is awake, her hands were never free from food. And her mouth. And her clothes, of course!

That day when we were having lunch at Nandos Mahkota Parade, she just turned around to the next table to ask for french fries! With her hand stretched out and fingers menggamit-gamit, sambil kata nak, nak, nak! Aduhai.. menepuk dahi saya. Malu sungguh! Macam di ajar2. Walhal di tangan Yasmin masih ada french fries!! And i still had a mountain of it on my plate. Hm.

Actually, I am very very happy she eats! :) And she sleeps better and longer with almost no waking up until morning. Now, how cool is that??

Ternyata, setiap yang berlaku kepada kita, ada kebaikannya.. Terima Kasih, Allah. Without the hospital and antibiotics, Yasmin will not be like she is now. And the other most important thing in my life, too would never happened. Alhamdulillah.
And of course, thank you mr Papa who took really good care of me and above all, Yasmin. You are an expert! ;)

More pictures of her and food here. Assalam.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Yasmin and her cousin, Ammar.

Assalamualaikum... :) Dah lamakan saya tak update blog saya ni? Busy le... Apart from early celebration of Yasmin's birthday, kita ada special guests from KL. Lama betul tak jumpa budak tecit nih! The last time we met was Eid, and Yasmin was only 6 months. now that they both almost a year and a year 2 months, they are much funnier together! hahah. Thinking of them already making me laugh.
Memandangkan Ammar is older by month, dia memang selalu mengalah. He always letting Yasmin do whatever to him. As you all aware, Yasmin is very much Italian, so, super active physically and mentally! and a little rough.. ;)
But this abang is too nice to confront back to her.. Poor Ammar.. Nevertheless, he always loves Yasmin.

And this is how Yasmin repay him..

Dush! Dush! Dush! And this

and many other things! Hahaha.. But they both especially Ammar has add more colors to my simple life at home these few days.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yasmin's Birthday Sneak Peek

Assalamualaikum... :) it has been quite some time since i posted my last post. Busy la... Plus, Yasmin has been upgraded to the next level of her legs function. phiuhh!! Penat sungguh. Lepas tu, with very little sleep, i am keeping up with orders of friends for Baby Ring Sling and also Pouch.
Also some Maxi Skirts.. (not yet done).
NEVERTHELESS.... I am squeezing some little time for my Princess Yasmin ahead schedule (10 days earlier!!) Birthday Kenduri. heheh ;) her actual birthday is on 27th March, but i decided to do it a liiittle earlier because of yada yada yada yada..
Some crafty crafty things going on here.. I hope i can finish it before 17th March, because.. that will be the date for Kenduri! Tak tau sempat ke tak..
So, below are the things i've done with lots and lots of help from my sister!! Terima Kasih Kak Ngah. :) :

1. CAKE: checked
2. DRESS: super checked
3. the inside things in GOODY BAG: checked
4. Menu: ohhh... My dearest high spirited father is the chef! considered cooked!
5. Guests: Close family and friends are already invited but SADLY someone very special wont be there.... :(( *really wish you to be here*
6. Decorations: hmm....

Have a look at the picture below and tell me what you think. ;)

Ya.. Betul. Kain2 perca lebihan dari Slings yang saya jahit tu, daripada terbuang, elok la saya gunakan...
All the ingredients are ready, only to put them in place for a nice, beautiful, CUSTOMIZED ...
" Happy Birthday Yasmin " fabric garland.. :))
What do you think?
I will share to you more about it. For now, ini saja yang dah siap! haha

Monday, 5 March 2012

A Sweet Tutu for A Gloomy Monday

Assalamualaikum.. Hari ini matahari seakan malas nak bangun. ;) like most of us that has to go to work after got cozy hibernate with family for the weekend.. That includes me! Walaupun saya tak ada office, atau boss to report to, but i do have a lovely princess to attend to 24-7. And a pot-pet Mak yang selalu membuat saya macam nak pakai F1 earplug! (sorry mak.. kang mintak ampun eh.. hehe) and a high spirited Apak yang tak boleh tunggu kalau ada sesuatu yang diselesaikan. Haha.. all this adding sweet colors and background music to my monotonous life at home. :)

And today, i have add a new addition to my life colors.

* Princess Yasmin 1st Birthday Tutu * !!

Her birthday is on 27th March but i cant wait to see how cute she'll be in it!! (lagi mau cakap Apak tak sabar.. haha)
Spent almost 2 late nights, and a sleepless night (totally not because of it. hehe) But it is super worth the eye bags!
She really looks cute and adorable macam teddy bear when she wears it! With her hands are always up and masih jalan-jalan jatuh, memang laaa macam teddy bear. Tapi Mak dan Apak kata macam anak orang asli... hahaha
Nak tengok tak? Jap eh..


Pink, as always! Cantik tak?
Who ever set the trend of pink for baby girl is / are genius! Yasmin do love pink and she always chooses pink, first, then..some other colors.

I used lots and lots of tulle to make it nice and fluffy. For this Tutu i used shades of pink, streaks of pearl white, mid cream and lilac. The colors turn out gorgeous and looks like a basket of rosebuds! Not the smell but.. will rinse it with nice smell serbuk pencuci Fab anti-bakteria! hehe

The pictures doesnt show much? :( Cant get the real picture of my sweet tutu?
Please wait for the actual Big Day for Princess Yasmin. ;) Saya akan buat liputan yang menyeluruh. Tunggu ye.. Can you? Or is it actually, CAN I??

Friday, 2 March 2012

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ dan Assalamualaikum :)

Today is my very first day writing on this special blog.. Sebenarnya, memang saya agak tekedu. Apa saya nak tulis ni... I was actually staring at this blank space for quite long. For hours! Months actually! haha Since i joined blogger, i never had written anything on it. That long! *well, only a few lines here and there.
Tak tau nak mulakan macamana. Pastu risau.. takut kalau saya bermula dengan "the wrong foot". ( i think i already did). Tapi, hari ini, dengan nama Allah, i gather all my strength and shake off bisikan negatif dalam minda saya, segala ketidakpastian saya padam, saya mulakan penulisan saya dalam blog ni. Alhamdulillah. :)

sesi suaikenal :)

Saya, Zaliah. A proud housewife, a mother of a highly active but angelic and smart beautiful baby girl, Yasmin Eiliyah Cattaneo. With Yasmin who has occupying, not to mention turning my life timetable upside down, (in the nice way, but) and my interest in crafting and sewing, has really inspired me of creating and sewing especially for her.
Dari saja suka2, terdetik pula idea untuk berkongsi hasil tangan saya dengan kawan2 di facebook... Maka, terjadilah page saya ini.. ;) Jangan lupa like ye?
Pada mulanya, saya memang tak ada apa nak share (jual) hehe dalam page tu. then, i decided to sell some baby clothes, just to get started...
Kita masuk ke era:

My Interest and Ideas

Baju Baby

♥ Baby Love ♥

 Alhamdulillah.. ramai juga yang respon pada posting saya tu. Ada juga yang terjual.
While seeing the progress on my page, i came out with the idea of this one..

♥ cute headbands ♥

Ya. Saya buat semua tu. Saya sendiri tak percaya dengan kemampuan saya! haha
Nanti saya akan buat posting mengenai baby headbands dan lain2 and how to order. :)
( i have to learn also how to add some tabs for ordering and contact me and many others, i guess.. or no need? hmm.. i'll think)

Saya memang pengguna gendong. aka Baby Sling. :) kawan2 ramai puji dan tegur (positively) kain gendong saya yang saya guna untuk membawa Yasmin.. ( i have been using those slings since Yasmin 4 months old ). Mereka memberi idea supaya saya menjual Baby Sling. *mentol menyala* ting! then *ka-ching!* hehe why not?? It is a growing fashion and trend now. Lagipun masih ramai kat Malaysia yang tak tahu akan kebaikan menggunakan gendong untuk anak2. Dan, yang paling penting, masih ramai yang menganggap pakai gendong ni "very old fashion" atau "macam orang seberang.." 

*TAHUKAH semua yang gendong ada banyak kebaikan for both moms and babies?? 
( i'll post something about this too, soon. )

Hi semua.. :) That's me and Yasmin
So, yang ni adalah Pouch Sling. My feveret. hehe I use this one since Yasmin was a very very little doll. :) and she loves it. Still does! ( harusla... melekap je kat mie dia! )

Yang ini, Ring Sling.. :) I think the name says it all. I guess? Further details in next posting ye?

Visit this link to view further and for more options of fabrics
Sling Fabrics

and orders yang da siap
♥ whats in that little pouch?? ♥

haaa..... :D (mula2 malu nak menulis... sekarang da naik syeh *betul ke ni??* haha)

Then, dari sini, sebagai titik permulaan saya untuk mengembangkan minat saya. Makin banyak cabang2 idea yang tumbuh untuk saya untuk menjahit... :) especially for moms and babies.
Insha-Allah. more and more and more things i'll sew. And share all my work with all of you in this blog.

Saya rasa, sampai sini dulu la kot... Sudah ngantuk!
Any requests or questions, please, please do contact me. And let me know what you think.

Tagline: MADE TO ORDER. Perfect fit is comfy for mom and baby, and specially made for!! ;)

And, dont forget to LIKE Yasmin LittleChic page on facebook and this post !! ;)