Friday, 30 March 2012

Yasmin Growing Habit

Yasmin is really known as a very active girl with a very small appetite on food and sleep. Tidur siang tak sampai 20 minit. Petang kadang-kadang tidur, kadang-kadang tak.. Malam pula asyik2 bangun untuk menyusu.

She is allergic to cow milk, so, hundred percent breastfeed.. Nasi? Hm, karang cakap kang, kata berlagak pulak.. :P hahah Anak mat saleh ni ada payah sikit dengan nasi.

Dulu masa baby, when her taste buds, brain and attitude were not yet intact to show some protest, senaaaaang sangat nak bagi makan. Nasi in the morning with fruits, nasi in the evening with greens and protein.. But, until just a week ago, before i had to stay in hospital for 2 nights and kept away from breastfed her for a week, food was always the least of things to include in her daily activity.
It was like cute hands war on spoon every meal!

But now??

Her hands are much faster to ask food than the mouth yang mengunyah ..

And her hands now are always occupy with chips, bun, or fruits, or anything can be eaten, 24-7 well, not really 24-7 but as long as she is awake, her hands were never free from food. And her mouth. And her clothes, of course!

That day when we were having lunch at Nandos Mahkota Parade, she just turned around to the next table to ask for french fries! With her hand stretched out and fingers menggamit-gamit, sambil kata nak, nak, nak! Aduhai.. menepuk dahi saya. Malu sungguh! Macam di ajar2. Walhal di tangan Yasmin masih ada french fries!! And i still had a mountain of it on my plate. Hm.

Actually, I am very very happy she eats! :) And she sleeps better and longer with almost no waking up until morning. Now, how cool is that??

Ternyata, setiap yang berlaku kepada kita, ada kebaikannya.. Terima Kasih, Allah. Without the hospital and antibiotics, Yasmin will not be like she is now. And the other most important thing in my life, too would never happened. Alhamdulillah.
And of course, thank you mr Papa who took really good care of me and above all, Yasmin. You are an expert! ;)

More pictures of her and food here. Assalam.

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