Monday, 9 April 2012

DIY | Fabric Flower Brooch

Assalamualaikum semua. My first ever DIY Tutorial!! Very excited to share! ^__^
So, bunga dari fabric bukan sahaja cantik, tapi juga cute. Betul kan? And it is the easiest way to embellish baju kurung, scarf, bag, and hat, many other things as long as we use our imaginations. Be creative!
Here it is, fabric flower brooch that i made to embellish my hijab. Very very easy to make. :) I took step by step pictures while i made it.


  • kain perca : 5 squares of fabrics - 2.5" x 2.5" (you may choose how big you want the petals by adding the inches or how many petals)
  • jarum & benang : i used orange color thread so you can see the difference
  • felt : or same fabric as petals. I used felt because its sturdy to be the base of brooch
  • safety pin : or brooch pin (I just grab what I have here at home. Plus, no one will come close and say you wearing cheap pin! hehe dorang jeles adalah.. ko ader?? )
  • embellishments : you may use buttons, beads, or diamonds or anything you like.
  • of course scissors, and glue. I used Paper Mate Super Glue, first time i used it and i don't like it (you'll see why later). I prefer Hot Glue Gun , if you have it. If not maybe UHU is good too
Lets do it!

Lipat dua, penjuru ke penjuru bertentangan, menjadi segi tiga. Lipat kesemuanya. Finger press at the fold to hold it in place.

Masukkan benang pada jarum, agak2 panjang yang mencukupi. Double kan benang tau. Mula di corner, jahit jelujur jarang. Seperti dalam gambar. Jangan jelujur di lipatan. 

Continue with all petals. Dapat tak? 
Now, kedutkan setiap petal. It is beginning to form real flower petals. See?

Rapatkan petals, shape them up like a flower, adjust as you like the flower to be.. Jahit mati.

Next step is to Embellish. Glue a pretty bead or crystal or button to the center front.

Now the pin.

Ukur pin pada felt. Gunting sedikit di bahagian kiri dan kanan untuk ruang pin. Masukkan pin. :)

Next, glue it to the center back of your cute flower... and voila!!

(See whitish thing around the pin? I should have used hot glue gun..) :( But, front look?! SUPER CUTE!! At the end I've decided to use button in the center. :)

Idea how to wear it....

Susah sungguh nak dapat best snap dengan Yasmin! This is only an idea on how to wear your brooch among many. Try it and tell me what you think! Upload them on YLC fan page. :)

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