Sunday, 15 April 2012

Perempuan (me) dan Kasut

Sebagai seorang perempuan, saya memang LOVE, HEART kasut!! Ha.... saya memang lemah sikit kalau tengok kasut2 yang kiut miut, yang ada pom pom fabric flower on top, my super super favorite ballerina flats yang amat sesuai di pakai kemana saja. They are very easy, sarung je and go! And then one fits all. Kan?
Time being, this is my feet best friends.

Teka berapa hinggit saya beli?? RM 15 sahaja.. I have the same in grey. bio-degradable pulak tu.
*belilah barangan buatan Malaysia*

At home, i have not less then 30 pairs of shoes!! Gila kan?I have lost count if i have to think how many shoes i have at least for the past 2 3 years!

Slippers that i had has many colors, from bright pink to green, blue, turquoise, brown, black, with beads without beads, leather atau pun selipar jepun getah biasa je.. ada satu selipar ni, when my mother in law went for a swim, bright lime green havana beach slippers, and she parked it on the beach while swimming.. sure la kena curi! If not for the brand, for sure they went for the color! hehe or maybe, they dont have shoes.. :( Btw, this was in India.

Open sandals tak payah cakap la... phiuh!! Ini tak termasuk soooooooo many many many batches of shoes I have given away or thrown, or sold!

Hasil tangkapan ari ini. I took out aaaallll my shoes yang dalam karung, susun cantek2, amik gambar. :)

These are not including my shoes that i left in India. I dont know how many, torn, cut, stolen..
There is 1 in Sheffield - I loved that boots, but tapak dia dah rosak, so i left it there di bumi English.. :( probably owned by homeless or less fortunate people by now  :) and I got a new pair of boots from my father in-law! :))

Lagipun, where would i go with all those heals kat Melaka ni?? Tak praktikal ok, dengan baby on board.. ;) Kita sibuk nak kejar baby, ada yang terpelecok plak! Konon2 nak vogue, da tersembam siapa nak tolong up kan vogue you tu??

Anyways, most of the shoes i bought here in Malaysia. Murah2! Cantik2 pulak tu. Saya bukan kejar brands, asalkan kiut miut, menepati cita rasa, selesa, sexi, saya beli aje tanpa fikir panjang! 

ha! Converse shoes lagi ..

 This is for Sale.
... Sneakers, sport and gym shoes.. Astaghfirullah... :( pembaziran sungguh! Saya ada juga cuba jual kasut2 converse tu.. saiz 8.. tak ramai kaki wanita Malaysia sebesar kapal macam saya nih.. hehe susah jugak la nak cari buyer. Kalo berminat, check kasut converse album out. ^.^
Those shoes are worn once or twice.

After using it i figured that Converse are not my style.. They are really pretty in my eyes and other feet, but not on mine. Sad. I am more of a Ballerina Flats, macam kat ataaaas tu.

But lately, after I have started to wear hijab.. (Alhamdulillah) i have grown a fond of wearing long flowing, super kembang Maxi Skirt. :) They are more simple, yet elegant to wear. And above all, menutup aurat dengan elok sekali.

Anyway, the point is, with this grown Maxi Skirt fetish, like the sun to the growing seed, hahah, I have grown another fetish too.
Calf long boots. Boots are always been my favorite. But i can only wear them during winter.. When i had to go to Europe in super cold weather. I miss wearing them so much, i put them on while taking pictures of my stinky shoes.. haha This one dari my father in-law...<3

This one i bought at a sale. Suede, never fade and super comfy.

But WHY i want to wear boots dalam cuaca yang amat panas ini?? Dengan skirt labuh la.. dengan boots la... Boots bukan paras ankle, tapi paras calf - betis gitu!! hahaha Reason being, simple.. Skirts tends to 'tersingkap' easily... nak pakai panty hose... lagi la saya rimas.
A nice leather boots with lace, will perfectly cover our beautiful legs, ain't it right ladies? :) So kalu tersingkap ala2 Marilyn Monroe, we still got time to cut the chance on becoming MM the second!

I have Googled a little bit, and i saw some really really nice. Macam ni.. among many others..
*rambang mata*

Mr Papa found one nice one during his trip to Italy, but NO SIZE! Hopefully he'll find soon.. :) Amin..

I know.. Say it! I am crazy! Haha
But, who cares?
Are you as crazy as me? Share with me. How many shoes do you have?? ;)

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