Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How many percent from all purchases go to Tabung Amal YLC?

So, I have thought it thru and thru on how laaaaa saya nak deduct sales and put in the Tabung Amal YLC!
At first i put points, let say, below Rm 30 to 50s, deduct singgit. 60 to 80s deduct 2 ringgit and so on. At the end saya pening!!! hahaha tak tertulis and tak ter-update.

I did blog hopping, hoping that i could find some blogs that doing almost the same like i am doing and imply (copy) the ideas on how to do it.

Days and days until i was totally forgot about it and let it be that way, kiraan points.
Until one day... i stumbled upon (cheehh...) a blog while window shopping on baju renang muslimah.. it was so simple! they have this plugin below the blog macam papan tanda LED. i dont know the minute/seconds ratio of the thing moving but i tell you it is suuupppeeerrrr sloowww... ( -.- )"

Dengan kurniaan Allah atas kesabaran aku yang amat tinggi, i've managed to read until the end of the sentence. Twice. To confirm. (make it double twice as i have to check what is it written now )
and there it is!
Super simple.
the sentence:


Itu lah dia.. :)
and i want to imply the same, insyaAllah. Boleh kan... kan? kan? Terima kasih pada blog Baju Renang Muslimah tu. Semoga murah rezeki. Amin. :D

Monday, 28 May 2012

Baju Kurung Baby / Budak 6 months to 6 years

Hello, Assalamualaikum... :)

go straight to

READY MADE - Baju Kurung Baby & Toddler | Raya 2012

Sekarang saya in the mood of Raya!! Boleh? Haha
Semua ni pasal my new project.. Baju Kurung Baby / Budak from 6 months to 6 years old.
They are made from home, delicately. Fabric very soft, cotton and sweet designs. Sesuai untuk anak2. For me, babies and toddlers should look sweet, aren't they?

Personally, I hate it when I see little children dressed in Baju Kurung with their designs that were meant for grannies.. :( or trend follower..

Anyway, just to let you know that i am in this project. Those cute Baju Kurung will be up for grab by end June or early July!! Cant wait!!! Beli awal... Dont buy last minute! Nanti tak dapat apa yang kita nak.. Tukang jahit pun will closed their doors for us!

Setiap Baju Kurung comes with :
~ for 6 months : an elastic handmade matching flower headband and a hair clip
~ for 1 to 4 years : 2 handmade matching flower hair clips
~ for 5 to 6 years: same like above, 2 hair clips or a decorative headband..
(which one do you prefer? what do you think is better??)

Fabric: Royal English Cotton 

There ll be a special offer for those yang ada a few girls from age 6 months to 6 years old. Save some money! Buy boria. ttrrrruuunnnn semua sama. comei sekalih!

Photos?? Please wait. hehe

Some of the accessories has arrived. Like the raw botak chin hair clips that need to be dressed ( doing it!! ) and the cloth button mold. Seriously, I am having fun making them. Little2 petals, bold button got cute after pressed in cloth.. haaa... life couldn't be much happier! :p

K laaa..... Here are some photos. Just to get you a little peek. Sabar ye?
Only 1 batch has done. Many more to come.

ps: every purchase with Yasmin LittleChic 2.5 percent to Lembaga Zakat and 3 percent to Tabung Amal YLC

Friday, 11 May 2012

Maxi Skirt - Skirt Labuh Fabrics

Saya memang tak pernah upload gambar2 fabrik untuk Skirt Labuh di sini.. Hubby just arrived from India few days ago, so he brought me some cut materials for skirts.Very good cotton, soft and beautiful designs! Among a few meters for baju kurung baby and toddler. (My on going production for Hari Raya - Baju Kurung Baby 6 months to 6 years old, baru start ni.)
Most of my fabrics for Skirt Labuh are cotton from India. Unless some customers request for chiffon or other type of fabric that can easily get at Nagoya atau Jakel.. Here are some of them. I upload satu dua je eh..

 Dark blue and turquise palm leaves..


For more designs, tengok sini.

By June or July, InsyaAllah, Saya akan upload ready made stock Maxi Skirt.Tunggu tau.
Kalau berminat untuk tempah Skirt Labuh dari saya, boleh pm saya di Page fb.
Like page for speed updates and info on fabrics from India, or local fabrics, or any sewing prejects i made, or and especially, my MAXI SKIRT - SKIRT LABUH! haa..... :D oh, atau post ni.
Soon my post will be full with custom made and ready made skirts to choose from! Not forgetting many, many other things i sew, like this chic diaper bag. And many others.

In the matter of time. InsyaAllah!!