Friday, 11 May 2012

Maxi Skirt - Skirt Labuh Fabrics

Saya memang tak pernah upload gambar2 fabrik untuk Skirt Labuh di sini.. Hubby just arrived from India few days ago, so he brought me some cut materials for skirts.Very good cotton, soft and beautiful designs! Among a few meters for baju kurung baby and toddler. (My on going production for Hari Raya - Baju Kurung Baby 6 months to 6 years old, baru start ni.)
Most of my fabrics for Skirt Labuh are cotton from India. Unless some customers request for chiffon or other type of fabric that can easily get at Nagoya atau Jakel.. Here are some of them. I upload satu dua je eh..

 Dark blue and turquise palm leaves..


For more designs, tengok sini.

By June or July, InsyaAllah, Saya akan upload ready made stock Maxi Skirt.Tunggu tau.
Kalau berminat untuk tempah Skirt Labuh dari saya, boleh pm saya di Page fb.
Like page for speed updates and info on fabrics from India, or local fabrics, or any sewing prejects i made, or and especially, my MAXI SKIRT - SKIRT LABUH! haa..... :D oh, atau post ni.
Soon my post will be full with custom made and ready made skirts to choose from! Not forgetting many, many other things i sew, like this chic diaper bag. And many others.

In the matter of time. InsyaAllah!!

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