Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Barefoot Baby Sandals

 Penah tengok tak baby pakai ni? cute kan? i got crazy bila i nampak ni in any web or facebook pictures..
So, i decided to make it myself and share it with you guys. :)
#for RAYA promotion, RM 10 per pair. But you can get it at RM 8 with purchased of baju kurung baby!

Hurry!! Prices are promotion for raya. Pas raya harga will be revised! hehe

1. Contoh cemana nak pakai. And this is bunga leper.

2. These are my latest. Bunga dia lebih kembang macam pom pom. :D

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pm is good. 
#colors are more than yg ni je. Let me know what color you like. 

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