Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Custom Made Ring Sling

I am making only CUSTOM MADE RING SLING for now. :)

InsyaAllah, kalau berkesempatan i akan buat ready made. load up. Soon! (haish entah bila la tu. anyway, here are some of them that i have made. FABRIC FLOWER is my signature. hehe

 1. Simple fold

 2. Pleated

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 5. Cotton Sling

 as it is cotton, good side and the inside is obvious

 6. Stripes Linen

Ring Sling saya ada berbagai range harga.. :) depends on material, decorative lining, fabric flower, pleated atau simple fold. :) tell me how you want it, i ll make it best suited per your request. And you ll have your own CUSTOM MADE SLING.

Pm or email me to own your own. Assalam

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